Thank-you for visiting my website. There are a number of galleries that cover pet portraits, wildlife and birdlife art.

However there are general art topics too, as well as photography.

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Wildlife Art

I love painting these amazing animals and birds. However I also realise how many are endangered.

I hope that my pictures will help to highlight the beauty of the wildlife in our world.

We need to protect them and their natural habitat before it’s too late.

Portraits of your pets

Animals are just like humans in that their eyes are the gateway to their souls.

As a painter, if you don’t get the eyes right, then you don’t capture their souls and the true personality of the pet.


Taking photos has never been easier these days. Our phones have such brilliant cameras built into them.

However to get the best photos, you do need decent equipment. Most importantly, you do need to have the eye for a good image. Patience is always a virtue but often it’s just a bit of luck too. It’s being there at the right place and time.