Pet Portraits

Animals are just like humans in that their eyes are the gateway to their souls.

As a painter, if you don’t get the eyes right, then you don’t capture their souls and the true personality of the pet.

Photographing your pet

Unlike people, pets are not as accommodating in terms of staying still, so these are painted from photos. These can either be supplied by you or I can take them (at an additional cost). Please make sure that these photos are a high resolution, are clear and not blurred and provide the best image of your pet.

The mediums used for painting

I normally use acrylics or oils to paint these portraits, but I also like using coloured pencils with a watercolour wash.

Painted on paper or canvas?

This is a personal choice. Oil or acrylic paintings can be painted on canvas, canvas board or paper. There is a slight price differential, with canvases being more expensive.

All pencil / watercolour drawings are on paper. However you can also have the choice of black or buff coloured paper too. I will advise you on what is best to suit your needs.

Paintings on paper are mounted

If using paper, I usually cut the mounts using high grade Daler mount board (white, antique white or light parchment) using standard picture frame sizes. I will be an added signature on the mountboard.

Given that these pictures need a glass frame, I do not provide these due to problems with transportion.

Canvas or canvas board

If you want a canvas, normally customers like those which are about an inch deep. These do not need a frame to hang on the wall. However I can paint on a normal canvas or canvas board which requires a frame only (no glass needed). 

How much does a pet portrait cost?

The prices below are approximate and are dependent on the complexity of the picture and whether it is paper or canvas. If you do not like the picture, you do not pay.

Picture/Canvas sizeOil / acrylic painting*Coloured pencil / watercolour**
22″ x 18″ (approx. 55 x 45cm)£400£300
16″ x 12″ (approx. 40 x 30 cm)£350£250
* Price is based on painting on canvas. You can choose paper instead which makes it marginally cheaper (see details below).
**This price includes picture painted on paper plus specially cut mount board to fit standard frame size and signed by me.

Postage and packing

Pictures can be posted if required although postage and packing is extra but will be charged at cost only.