Paris and London tend to share the honours with being the most visited cities in the world (with Bangkok now also in the running). With approximately 16 million visitors a year, over the course of 18 months, I probably visited Paris more frequently than London; a bit stupid considering how close I am to London! However it is also in the top 5 most expensive cities to visit and considering how cheap wine is in France, Paris was incredibly expensive for a small glass in the bars. Bring back the Franc is all I say!

I do however have a little fixation with Paris and of course, the most iconic symbol of the city – the Eifel Tower. And yes, I even have one of those stupid little keyrings too although it was bought for me! Taking students to Paris means that I get to combine my full time job with taking some photos along the way – but it is just not enough time to go wandering off to capture glimpses of life in Paris. So one of these days, I will get there to just take photos and truly savour Parisian life……but not in mid summer; 40 degree heat in Paris is not pleasant!