Sydney: Ferry to Mosman Bay

There are a number of great ferry rides around Sydney harbour on their famous ferries. Many people know about the ferry ride to Manly but this one is a treat, particularly if you get off at Cremorne Point, walk through the Cremorne Reserve and then take the path called Jasmine Walk down to Mosman Bay. You can end up in the old Mosman Rowing Club for a nice drink and meal with the knowledge that a little walk around the bay will get you to the ferry back to Sydney.

The ferries themselves have so much character and ‘Golden Grove’ was on this particular route for the day. It was originally brought into service in 1986 to travel around the inner harbour. However its name originated from the First Fleet that left Portsmouth in 1787 to land in Australia in 1788 carrying convicts to Port Jackson before returning to England.

The ‘Golden Grove’ was taking travellers from Cremorne Point, around Robertson Point lighthouse (also known as Cremorne Point light) before going down into Mosman Bay. The Aboriginal name for Cremorne Point is ‘Wulwarrajeung’ and there has been evidence of many engravings in the area. The reserve is narrow and includes lawn areas, planted trees, exotic gardens, bushland, and degraded weeded areas (Source: North Sydney Council) which is a lovely start to the walk. Following Jasmine Walk down into the bay you come across many traditional houses and amazing gardens including the Lex and Ruby Graham Gardens that extend beyond the path down to the bay. It’s an amazingly well tended, semi-tropical garden which anyone can wander through.

Once down at the old Mosman Rowing Club (now called the Mosman Rowers) I immediately felt at home; spotting some familiar names on ‘winners’ blades helped too. After a couple of beers, we boarded the ‘Golden Grove’ and back around the point.